Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia

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Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia

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Safe substitute treatments for the diagnosed mental health, or chronic brain disorder, known as schizophrenia, vary between cultures worldwide. The propensity to medicate, as in Western medicine, is not necessarily indicative of cultures that are community-based. Truly, families of western societies have witnessed dramatic changes, both positive and negative, when their loved ones are medicated, however, usually only the symptoms are dealt with; not the actual disease.

Shamanistic Approach

The Shamanistic approach to dealing with schizophrenia is to recognize that any psychotic episodes or breakdowns are a release of torment in the mind. Societies that welcome the mindset of community-based healing and encourage expansion are a relief and have a higher rate of healing as opposed to what is considered the mainly individualistic mindset of most Western communities. Individuals are encouraged to actively take part as a viable societal member and are relieved of feelings of being an outcast. A healer using magic and herbs to cure illness, the Shaman is believed to travel between worlds that have to both good and evil spirits. They can divine or see the future, have contact with the dead, many times through rituals, and will often speak in tongues, languages that others cannot decipher. Much of this is indicative of schizophrenia symptoms according to Western mental health diagnosis. There have been recent researches that show cbd vape juice could be potentially
effective in treating Schizophrenia.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Schizophrenia, referred to as dian kuang in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is broken down into five syndromes; each of them treated individually and as part of a whole, with herbal medicines prescribed for each syndrome. Recent studies have shown that traditional herbal medicine, used for thousands of years in China, has proven beneficial attributes when combined with antipsychotic drugs. Other traditional treatments concentrate more on the body; such as acupuncture, suture embedding therapy, point grasping and incision therapy cupping treatment.